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    Did you know that...

    A Peteiro is part of our brand identity

    Mieles Anta has a close friendship with the artist Jorge Peteiro. This relationship started when Jorge Peteiro helped David Corral, our founder, as a beekeeper, as the artist was really interested in bees and everything related to them.

    In fact, Jorge Peteiro's dad had already collaborated with David Corral, supporting the construction of his hives in the carpentry Maderas Peteiro.

    Since then, they have created a friendship and a collaboration that will last forever.

    Jorge is an integral part of the brand identity of our company, being the artist behind the labelling of “Mel da Anta” and “Pazo de Lusío”, giving them his famous and noticeable style. 
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    Did you know that...

    Over 90% of our beehives comply with the ecologica

    Over 90% of Mieles Anta beehives comply with the ecological bee honey standards.

    The remaining 10% is too close to traffic roads or agricultural holdings, therefore we cannot certify that the whole production of our honey is ecological.  
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    Did you know that...

    Our beehives receive unexpected visits

    Quite often our apiaries are visited by bears. This is a proof of the great biodiversity of the area and that our beehives can only be found in unique places.

    Our unexpected guests are brown bears that live in O Caurel mountain and, that due the habitat conditions, are repopulating this area between Galicia and Asturias.

    Despite the damages they may cause, we are truly happy to share our workplace with them.