Honey from Galicia

Unique organoleptic properties

The honey from Galicia has unique organoleptic properties recognized by the European Union.

They stand out, overall, due to its richness in diastase (main enzyme that provides quality to the honey), being its value over 30%.

Humidity values in Galician honeys, protected by the DPO, are always below 18% and its freshness is guaranteed by the low values on HMF.

Besides these technical values, the mineral richness of these honeys is also remarkable. As it happens on wine strains, the wild flora (heather, chestnut, oak, etc) is nourished by the unique mineral richness of the Galician soil that provide us honey with clearly defined and unique flavours.


Mieles Anta

A 100 % Natural Process

We only harvest raw honey in order to preserve the excellent quality of the raw material, and no thermal treatments is performed during the process.

In order to comply with one of the main requirements of the protected geographical indication, the honey cannot exceed 40ยบ during the extraction or packaging process. This way we guarantee that the enzymes and vitamins remain intact and active, providing us with honey of great value.

Also, there is no filtering process in the harvest of our honey: all the richness and added value of the pollen and other particles like propolis is kept in our honey.