Historical apiculture

Mieles Anta have recovered historical in order to locate our hives on the places where they had always been. This way, we make the most of the knowledge of our ancestors.

In the past, the traditional hives were called “trovos” but, bit by bit, they have been replaced with Langstroth hives.

  • HistoricoHistorical settlement
  • LangstrothLangstroth hive


70% of our apiaries are located above 700 metres in altitude and slopes of more than 30%. These sites are hard to reach and each year it is necessary a great investment on infrastuctures.

Because of this, flowering is smaller but of great quality so we are able to obtain a high yield.

Spanish black bee

These bees are dark in colour, with a low level of swarming, great vigour and with a nervous and aggressive behaviour.

This bee is normally used by beekeepers on the Northwest of Spain, due how great the adapt to the weather conditions of Galicia.

They save reserves for the winter so they maintain great aptitudes for the rest period of the hives during winter.